To “Cure” your pain: Get Moving!

To “cure” your pain, all patients need some level of an exercise routine. Obviously, many pain conditions can significantly limit the types of exercise a patient can perform but every patient can do some level activity above their sedentary status.

The gold standard exercise for chronic back pain patients is aquatic therapy. In fact most patients seem to respond to aquatic therapy as it is a way to improve range of motion, flexibility and attain some level of cardiovascular workout in a controlled environment that is less stressful to the joints than land based activities.

Low impact yoga or some form of a daily stretching routine is another excellent form of daily exercise that almost all patients should add to their daily routine. Fibromyalgia patients seem to be a particular set of patients that I have personally witness make great strides.

For wheelchair bound patients, there are now excellent chair based exercise classes. In 17 years of practice we’ve literally never found a patient that couldn’t benefit from some type of exercise routine.

A daily exercise routine, improves strength and flexibility which can help patients avoid falls. Falls are very common with pain patients and can lead to further pain and disability. Daily exercise will improve a patients mood and help them establish a positive routine to their day.

Check with your health care provide before starting an exercise routine. Afterwards, find some movement that you can stick with and perform most days of the week and get moving.

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