‘Cure’ Your Pain: Become a Champion

To ‘cure’ your pain you must learn to become a champion. A champion is defined as an individual who overcomes great odds to achieve their goals.

This is an active approach to taking back your life. The first step is to pick one activity that you had quit due to you pain. This can be as simple as walking up the hill to the mailbox or going to the grocery store. There is no quit in a champion, you will start by telling your pain “I’m taking this back!” As you start to slowly add back more activities you will gain more confidence and improve your quality of life. These small victories will improve you mood and outlook. Just like any champion, the road to success will have its highs and lows. Don’t become frustrated if you have a setback, only by failing can we learn to succeed.

By winning more and more of these small victories you will learn to control you pain and not let your pain control you. When you learn that you control your pain you will become a champion!

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