‘Cure’ for your pain: Rest

To help ‘Cure’ your pain you must become more active and vigilant in your own recovery and yes this also applies to taking advantage of your rest. Rest come in many forms from improving your sleep, which we have already discussed in an earlier blog, naps, meditation, stretching, and an approach to activity known as a active rest.

So much of our life seems to be some automated loop, whether that is our routine of running off to work in the morning or running our kids to school and various activities. People adapt to their hectic loop of a life by running from one activity to the next, pumping caffeine into their bodies at the local java hut to keep moving.

There is an argument that hitting the pause button and trying to find a better balance to our hectic lives and finding opportunities to rest is an excellent way to heal our body and our soul. A conscious approach to adding active rest based activities is a a natural approach to living within your bodies circadian rhythm. Most research show that humans are designed to take an afternoon nap. Although a nap is not possible for most, finding 10 minutes to meditate or take a nature stroll seems to do wonders. For patients able to exercise, we recommend alternating between a heavy exercise day with a lighter exercise day to not over stress our body. For patients with more disabilities to activity, we recommend trying to stagger doctor appointments or busy days so as to not overwhelm yourself psychologically or physically.

We are not promoting a couch potato lifestyle rather, we are simply recognizing that making a conscious decision to rest on the couch and read a book or relax the mind periodically is a healthy choice.

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