Cure for your pain: Friendship

An often overlooked part of any patient’s find for a ‘cure’ is a friend to offer support.  A friend, or some form of a supportive social network, is key to any recovery.  This can range from a family member, understanding neighbor, friend or online support group.

It’s seems that for some of our pain patients we act as much a counselor rather than a traditional medical provider.  Sometimes patients just simply need someone to vent their frustrations and aggravations to, someon who will take the time to listen and empathize with their situation.  For some of our patients, a trip to the office is the highlight of their social calendar for the month.

We encourage all patients to find someone who they can spend quality time with in a supportive and caring manner.  This social bond has an psychological impact on a patient’s recovery.  Having social support helps to motivate patients to be more active and involved.  For some patients, their social network is severely limited due to their disability or lack of proximity to family and friends.  Even patients with severe isolation issues can find some form of social network.  We encourage home bound patients to join an online therapy or support group that is tailored to patients with their similar condition.  This can be an effective tool to use as a sounding board for advice or support.  Of course, always discuss any information gathered on theses message boards with your local provider before implementing.

Find a friend who will listen and get involved.

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