Cure your pain: Avoid Fast Food

This is likely the most obvious of our recommendations for finding a ‘cure’ for a patient’s pain but also one of the most unlikely to be followed.  Maybe it’s our hectic lifestyle or just the fact that fast food is so cheap and convenient.  Either way, patients inherently know that fast food is horrible for their general health and for pain but they just can’t avoid it.

Fast food is not only quick to be prepared, but also contain some special group of fats that are known to be extremely harmful for the whole body, including for your joints. These fats,  either saturated or trans can make the joints weaker and increase inflammatory markers.   Alongside with trans and saturated fats, fast food contain high levels of sugar which also increases inflammatory markers and increases pain.  Fast food also contains high levels of sodium, it is the main component of all non-organic pieces in a burger and usually it is the common ingredient that brings the whole taste to your meal.

Fast food with it’s high levels of sodium, sugars, trans fats and carbohydrates combines to form what we like to call the pain bomb cocktail.  This cocktail is further enhanced in Fibromyalgia patients as almost half Fibro patients suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and leaky gut.  Fast food also directly increases the likelihood of obesity and a sedentary lifestyle which in the long run will put more stress on joints and increase pain. Fast food will also increase the likeliness of heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetic patients are at increased risk of peripheral neuropathies and chronic pain conditions.

Research an anti inflammatory diet lifestyle and you will feel significantly better within a few weeks.